Treasure Trove

Before we get going with this post please do ignore the giant bruise on my knee. I hit the decks on a night out in a serious way a few weeks ago and the GIANT bruise has only just gone. 

I have been sitting on these gorgeous photos for a while, all the LA content I have been super excited about has gotten in the way of sharing this one! These are some film photos Paul and I shot in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago in this incredible shop we stumbled accross. It's a huge vintage treasure trove called 69A, jam packed with clothes, records, accessories, homewares - it was an incredible backdrop but also a distracting one because there was so much to look at! 

For such an amazing location I opted to wear this Mango dress which is part of the next Testing Basics (coming Sunday) which I feel like I have been filming for a lifetime. It's almost finished now though so I can't wait to share it with you all as it's been a fun one to film. I am definitely now hooked on this style of dress and will continue to wear them all wayyy after this video has finished, they are so flattering and I love the girly-ness with some scruffy Converse or Vans too.  

I can already tell this post is going to be a stream of consciousness, my mind is all over the place at the moment so it's difficult to share anything desperately coherent. It's been such a funny few weeks, through the worst jet lag I have ever had (it's taken me a week to manage to sleep through, and I am usually pretty okay when it comes to jetlag), to being back in Manchester, I have felt a little all over the place. I always find this time of year an odd one too - years of education gears you up for feeling like you're ready for some sort of end of year feeling followed by a massive break, which isn't actually a part of grown up life. 

Aside from feeling like a major scatter brain at the moment, I have the worst wanderlust I have ever had. I have never even had wanderlust before - I am such a home bird and creature of habit that the idea of uprooting so much has never been appealing. I don't know if I have mentioned that I was in LA and really liked it yet (ha)- but that is definitely the root of this. Being able to travel with such great company too was way more enriching than I imagined, and I haven't stopped thinking about different places I would want to go and create content in. It's the first time I have ever felt like this before, and it's clearly contributing to the aforementioned scatterbrain situation. 

Anyway, ramble over - promise Friday's post will be more coherent!