DIY Advent Calendar

SO over the weekend I had a mad moment on Pinterest where I fell down a very deep hole of Christmas decoration ideas. It was this photo that particularly took my fancy, and I thought I would give it a go myself and share how it went with you guys (spoiler: it went well!!) 

Here's what you need: 

- Some paper bags. You can get printed ones which would work well if you don't fancy the minimal take on Christmas decorations. 

- Black felt tip pen 

- Twine/String (I went with some string with a little bit of gold running through it because I'm festive like that) 

- Pine cones 

- Stencil

- Some little treats to fill the bags with! 

So I started by writing the numbers on each bag using the stencil. You can just do this by eye and they should be even enough, but don't worry about them being perfect! Then just fold over the top of each bag. 

What you put inside each bag is totally up to you. I am going to fill mine with some choccys, but as I am away in the beginning of December I also wrote some little notes for Harry to open every day. To fasten them to wall I just tied the string around some small picture hooks, and tied some pine cones onto the end as a bit of extra decoration. Then you simple use the fold in the paper bag to balance each one onto the string - and voila!! 

It's a super easy DIY and I think it looks pretty effective too. I mean, if you see something on Pinterest and manage to actually recreate it that's a pretty good achievement, right?!

Elizabeth Hadfield5 Comments