A Change In View





I have always been against green in photos. Countless times I have turned my nose up at a location because of it's greenery! I don't find it flattering at all, it seems to wash out my pale skin far more than I like. However, the green in Singapore seemed totally different. I found myself searching for areas of green in the city, and I loved every photo we took with a green background. I don't know what it is, the tones are just gorgeous - and it's just the same here in Bali! I am mad about greens!! 





All these outfits are linked in my previous post - I just wanted to share some more images we took around the city. Some of these are also taken inside the botanical gardens, which were so beautiful! Mum and I aren't great in a hot climate (lots of winging, lots of searching for shade) so we didn't walk around the outside - but thankfully they had two indoor gardens which were amazing to wander around.