Lets Look Back | Celebrating This Year

I know there are a tonne of these sort of posts about, but I think it's a really good thing. The end of the year presents a natural opportunity to reflect on what's been, and think about how we would all like to move forward. So many end of year posts I have read have been overwhelmingly positive, and I love that! (The best one I have read so far is Hannah's, so make sure to have a read of that here). While I am completely guilty of often dwelling on the negative and necessarily worrying, it isn't a productive frame of mind of have, and certainly is no way to start the New Year! So, lets dwell on the highlights instead: 

1. I pursued my biggest dream

I took this blog full time (and waaaay before it was ready for it either). Having just graduated, I decided it was a now or never moment and to run into it headfirst - then if all failed at least I could say I tried everything. I have forced the blog to play catch up over the past few months, pushing myself more and more to create better content, to be more business minded, to assert my worth. It has paid off, 'cos since I graduated I have kinda being doing alright! Of course, there is miles of room for improvement, and so many more things I hope to achieve - but for now it's all good, and I feel as though sheer perseverance and dedication is paying off! 

2. I graduated... with a first! 

This is one is going to be in my year reviews forever and ever (I will add a 'lets take a look back at 2015' section just to accommodate it), as it's my proudest achievement ever. I worked so hard and it paid off, and I feel so proud of myself when I think about it. If any of you guys are in your final year and ever want to ask me anything at all, I will always respond to emails! 

3. Harry and I moved in together. 

We are coming up to our fifth anniversary (OH EM GEEEE), and this year we took the next step in our relationship. I love living with Harry, and we are so happy in our gorgeous little flat (a full flat tour coming soon, I promise!)

4. ....also a new city! 

If you were reading the blog around the time of our move, you will have gathered just how much of a big deal this is for me. I love Manchester so much and the lifestyle we have there, and it was 100% the best decision I have made this year. And obvs I still see Mum every week... she just has to drive a little further (ta, Mum!) 

It really has been an amazing year, and I am happier than ever. Whether you have your own blog to share this on or not, I encourage you to think about the highlights of your year and just how much you have achieved. Doing this has put me into the best mindset of how to move forward in the next year, what I need to focus on, what I should celebrate. 

Happy New Year to you all! xxx 

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