Moments in Bali | A Mini Travel Guide

So I am back from what really was the trip of a lifetime; visiting Bali and Singapore. You can catch up on my thoughts on Singapore here, but this post is going to be dedicated to Bali, a place I have truly fallen in love with. I am sat on my sofa now, having got home about three hours ago, already thinking about when I can go back! I just know it is a place I will visit time and time again. So, without further ado, here are my highlights from Bali. 





One of the best things about Bali was it's beauty. There was so much to drink in, and I highly recommend covering as much ground as possible while you're there! We stayed in the Ubud area (which was one of my favourite bits), but ventured to various temples and villages. This bamboo forrest was a spot we found on our way up to the Mount Batur volcano - we obviously had to stop and take some photos! There were honestly so many moments I could have leaped out the car to take some photos - everything is just stunning. If you have plans to visit Bali and need a driver while you were there, please do drop me an email and I will give you the details of the one we used (he was fab!!). 

Shopping in Bali is really split into different villages. Various villages will have certain specialities, such as batik, wood carving, stone carving, etc etc. We were so tempted to get a container to fill with things to bring back home (but refrained!) Even if you're not buying, these areas are a treat to wander around. The creativity in Bali was really astounding, it seemed like everyone had some sort of creative talent!! 

Village guide:

Mas: Wood carving village | Penestanan: The artists village | Batabulan: Stone carving village | Tohpati: Batik village

Make sure explore Ubud for a little bit of everything too! 





We were staying with a friend in Bali, but still wanted to experience of the amazing hotels and resorts they have to offer. There is an abundance of posh hotels to choose from, but we chose to pay a visit to the brand new Mandapa Ritz Carlton. It's only been open for a few months, and it was just incredible! We went for some afternoon tea, but got a good tour of the place, including the villas they have there (I didn't want to leave!!) I have a vlog coming up soon which shows more of the Ritz Carlton, but stopping by hotels for a drink or a meal is a great way to have a nosey, and may even tempt you to stay there next time around! 

What made Bali so special was the people. Everyone smiled, everyone said hello and wished you a pleasant day, and it just made it impossible not be to be happy! We were also lucky enough to watch a traditional Balinese dance which was incredible! Taking in the culture was such a treat - we also went to a ceremony at one of the temples (which anyone can go along too, just make sure you're wearing a sarong and also have your shoulders covered). I would whole heartedly recommend immersing yourself into the culture as much as possible!