monthly investment piece

Say a big hello to my new shoes, these gorgeous slingback Gucci horsebit loafers!! If you watched the shopping video I made in Singapore then will you have seen the decision making process, but now I have got them home I love them more than ever. The slingback makes them the perfect take on a truly classic shoe, and also a perfect way to give my poor feet a rest (I have constant blisters, sorry feet!) I plan to wear them with everything, everywhere, every day! 

I might make a little feature of discussing a monthly investment piece. Not necessarily always something expensive, but my stand out piece every month that I think is going to stand the test of time in my wardrobe! What do you guys think??

Loafers by Gucci. You can get the closed heel version here, and this style in mens - sadly this style in women's is sold out online! Shop more loafer options here: