The Perfect Sunday



You guys all seemed to really enjoy the last post I did where I documented the day as I went along. So I decided I would do it again for you all, and took photos of yesterday as it went. Harry and I had the perfect Sunday ahead of us, a perfect day for snapping away too! We woke up to a slightly snow covered Manchester (although it quickly melted), and lounged around in bed for a while before facing the day - true Sunday style!! 

If you have been keeping up with my weekly vlogs you will have already heard me talk about how I am planning to read a lot more throughout 2016. I don't read nearly enough, and since Uni I don't think I had even finished a single book until this year. My goal is to read a minimum of one book a month - and I am already on my third for January so all is going well! The one I am reading at the moment, 'The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair', is a real page turner and whenever I can I have been sitting down to read it. It's such a rewarding and guilt free way to relax, and I already have a mini pile of books building on my bedside table that I plan to read next. So please send any book recommendations my way!





After finally dragging myself out of bed, it was time for some breakfast! I have been trying to start my days off (relatively) healthy, so I can feel slightly less guilty when it all goes down hill from there. I am really into my porridge at the moment, and either have it with some banana and honey, or berries and a generous dollop of jam! Obviously I team this with a cup of tea, if you don't have three cups of tea before 10am on a Sunday then you are doing it wrong.



We then dragged ourselves out of the house to go and grab a delicious pub lunch. We headed to The Marble Arch just around the corner from us, and it was seriously delicious and had a lovely cosy pub vibe. I layered up as much as possible as it was freezing! I have been going through a serious 'ahh I don't know what to wear' phase (I am going to do a post about it this week, as I know it's a struggle we all feel), so I have been bringing out older items that I haven't worn in a while - such as these COS slightly baggy jeans. I really do love the fit of them, and they sit really nicely at the top of my ankle boots. 

After a delicious lunch, we headed back home, where we immediately put on our comfies and settled in front of the TV. Not before lighting a few candles first, including this super cool cat one my friend got me for Christmas - it burns down to a skeleton too! You can get them here.