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When I create a blog post, I tend to do it in one of two ways. Firstly, by going to a specific location with an outfit already planned, make up and hair done, etc etc. Secondly, creating one throughout the day (or sometimes even several days), shooting as I go capturing whatever happens, and however I look. I much prefer working on the latter, and would do all my posts like that if time would allow it! This is one of those posts, sharing a real outfit, half rubbed off make up, as Harry and I made our way back to Manchester! 

En route, we stopped off at McDonalds as I was bursting for a wee. We did some photos in the carpark, which was a first, and I was literally surrounded by men in vans smiling and waving!! 




Once back in Manchester, and after a quick change of jeans (I spilt coffee on the other ones, well done me), we headed into the Northern Quarter for a bite to eat and to pick up some bits. The outfit I went for was literally the most basic one ever, and not really at all inspiring. But it is definitely the kind of outfit I wear a lot of the time, and if the response to this post is anything to go by, you guys certainly like me to keep it real! 



JACKET: c/o ANAAGA | JUMPER: COS | SCARF: COS | JEANS: ALL SAINTS | SHOES: GUCCI (closed back version here)




We then headed back to the flat, and I can't tell you how happy I am to be back. It's such a calm space, and I feel my most productive here! Also to be back in the city centre is just amazing and I didn't realise how much I missed it. To be able to wander straight out to everything you need (including Selfridges, which is pretty much all you need!) 

This jumper was a COS purchase and I highly reccomend you all go out and get it as it's the warmest, cosiest jumper ever! I have been reluctant to take it off since it arrived because it's like wearing a big hug!