Bangkok on Film


I am SO excited to be sharing this post. A little injection of sunshine into this gloomy old place, and while I may be back in a grey and wet Manchester, I literally cannot look at these photos without smiling. I will never ever forget the four amazing days I spent in Bangkok last week with PANDORA. A brand I have mentioned many a time on here, and a brand who are responsible for the highlights of career. Can you imagine how fast I said "OMG YES" to the chance to travel halfway accross the world with them?? And while we were wined and dined, treated to spa treatments and unforgettable company, the primary purpose of the trip was to visit their factory. I have wayyyy more info on this coming tomorrow, but as a little teaser, I have never been so proud to work with a brand. To see everything first hand was such an honour, and of course then being treated to amazing meals afterwards was just the icing on the cake. PANDORA certainly know how to organise a trip away. 

I hope you will forgive me for what is quite a gushing weekly vlog (the word 'incredible' needs to be removed from my vocabulary after this one), but I couldn't get accross my excitement enough! I have about 10382010 images to share with you tomorrow and tonnessss more info about what we got up to. But in the meantime I hope you love these film images of bustling Bangkok, which seems to lend itself so well to being shot on film - definitely some of my favourite film images to date! 

And finally, hello to the super stylish Atosa in the top image, make sure to check out her blog here!