I'm Into It

I have been seeing a lot of outfits on Insta with a hoodie-under-coat combo. I bloody love it and finally gave it a go. Part of the reason I love it so much it the fact that I already had everything I needed in my wardrobe to create this look. And slipping a hoodie under my coat made a simple and well loved combination feel nicely refreshed too. As I already mentioned this week how my brain has turned to mush, so rather than try and make too many sentences here I thought I would leave you with some shopping inspo instead. Tonnes of the sales have begun (am I alone in thinking they seem to be getting earlier and earlier every year?), and the ASOS has my attention. As all the pieces in this outfit are pieces I wear all the time, I thought I would link lots of similar items on the sale that you could purchase yourself. So let's get on with a little shopping spree... (all items on sale, even if the price shown on here doesn't say that, I promise it will when you click through). 



Elizabeth Hadfield5 Comments