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So today marks the end of the my time in London for Fashion Week. I am heading home this afternoon, and while I am always so glad to be heading up North, it's been a really amazing few days in London. So, I thought I would pull together all my highlights. I don't know about you guys, but I am most interested in seeing what my fave bloggers wore rather than show coverage. But, some of the collections I saw were too beautiful not to share - and I got some photos I was pretty pleased with too, so here they are! 

So one of the biggest highlights was the Marcus Lupfer presentation, which really got me loving floral prints. Definitely not something I ever thought I would say!! But I am a sucker for the masculine cuts contrasting the prints, making them the least girly florals ever.




Next up we have Havva, a brand I have worked with in the past and love SO much! You guys know how much I love shoes, but these shoes I really really really LOVE! And, FYI, the Havva boots I have are the comfiest I own. The new collection is incredible, taking inspiration from Manhattan Hustle vibes, with a nod to the 80s and lots of detailing that toughens up every piece (I mean, just look at those studded loafers). I coincided my visit to Havva with a minor 'oh my god my feet hurt so much I can't move anymore' moment, and spent the best part of an hour perched on a stool chatting away and generally making myself part of the Havva team!

Other highlights included Le Kilt (which was incredible last season too), and Clio Peppiatt which involved dogs and therefore is a clear winner! 




The best and biggest 'pinch me' moment was going backstage and seeing the Temperley London show. By far the biggest Fashion Week show I have ever seen, I was completely blown away. With a pirate theme, there was ruffled sleeves and collars, mixed with feminine prints and soft colours. I loved it, and I am pleased to see that the mid heel boot is here to stay!! 

Being able to have a look backstage beforehand was incredible too. I was so nervous as I have never done anything like that before, but there was such a buzz and atmosphere that I soon forgot the nerves and just got my teeth stuck into taking photos. The hair and make up was beautiful, and I especially loved the hair which was all about an un-done wind swept look - like a very chic pirate after a long day at sea (which is how I am going to describe my hair in a morning now)/ I have loadsssssssss more of this content coming up on the vlog this week so stay tuned for that. 

You guys can see what else I got up to at LFW on Radisson Red's blog here.

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