Behind The Scenes At London Fashion Week

This post is sponsored by hub by Premier Inn. 

As I imagine most of you now know, I was in London for Fashion Week over the weekend, and I thought I would share all the details with you in one giant post of all the film images I acquired from the my time there. Along side a little bit of insight from the whole experience; from where I stayed, to how I find the whole experience, and what goes into the outfit planning. 

I began my stay in London at hub Hotels, which is Premier Inn's new very budget friendly hotels. You can see all of the locations they have here, all of which are super central. I stayed in the Westminster branch, which was about a 10 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus. I literally walked everywhere which was such a treat because I got to really see London (despite being there almost weekly I have never properly taken in the sights of Westminster), and the hotel was in walking distance of all the spots I needed to visit. But, even more importantly, their hotels are super affordable (from £69 per night). I spend most of my time in London for work, it's about 2 hours on the train to Manchester which isn't bad at all, but the train prices can be extortionate. I cannot express how happy I am to have discovered these hotels and their amazing locations because it will be cheaper for me to stay over in London at hub hotels than it is to buy a peak time train return ticket. I am definitely going to be taking advantage on this in the future so I can extend my stay and see friends, rather than travel for 4 hours to just be in London for one meeting. 

Finding somewhere to stay is half the battle when it comes to planning London Fashion Week.. where most of it comes down to just that; lots of planning. Having some central to head back to made my life so much easier to attempt to keep up with my work... and also accidentally have an afternoon nap on the giant bed and also accidentally watch Bridget Jones Baby when I should have been working. But these things can't be helped. 

As I had said, LFW is very much in the planning, which goes beyond finding where to stay. One of the biggest jobs is requesting your tickets, while understanding you might not get many of the ones you want. It's just the way it goes and there is no point beating yourself up over it, but I do find myself often wandering about feeling like I don't really belong there. But that's to be expected when you do something out of your comfort zone, and I think LFW will always feel like that for me, not matter how many times I attend. 

A bit part of tackling that feeling is trying to keep your confidence up. If I let myself feel too uncomfortable there then I sort of retreat into myself, and make the whole situation worse. And a big part of keeping that confidence up is wearing an outfit you love; which is another aspect of the planning! Of course LFW is literally a fashion parade, and you really do see some sights. For every amazing outfit you see, there are ten OTT ones grabbing attention from the photographers - but it's all part of the spectacle and I do enjoy seeing them all! When I plan my outfits I always remind myself to go for something I feel comfortable in, but to maybe try a little harder with my styling than I normally would (i.e step awayyyy from the jeans and a knit tucked in at the front). I still have three more LFW outfits to share with you in the next week, but as a rule I stick to what feels most 'me', but just a better version of that. 

So, without any further rambling, I have lots of photos for you here. From the shows and presentations I saw, snaps of my outfits and a look inside hub at Westminster, I hope you enjoy this hefty post! 

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