A Sunshiney Weekend


This post is sponsored by La Redoute. 

How is is Monday again? How is it the last week of March? We are already ONE QUARTER of the way through the year which is awful because really Christmas was only 10 minutes ago and I do now know what is going on with time?! The only good thing about the fact time is 100% going faster than usual is that it is Spring. This weekend really did feel like Spring, I am actually writing this out in the garden at Mum's lying on the grass surrounded by cats.. this may well be my own personal heaven! 

I am ready and raring to go with my Spring wardrobe. I have been fake tanning, shaving, exfoliating AND even moisturising on an almost daily basis just on the off chance it's hot enough for me to whip my pants off. When the day comes, I am ready. (To be clear, I mean whip my pants of and wear a dress or something, not just partake in a little bit of indecent exposure). Until that day comes, I am trying to bring a bit of sunshine into my life by wearing VERY BRIGHT COLOURS. And I mean, very bright... look at this top! I shared an Insta of this and the comments were amazing, and someone tweeted me saying it looked like a brit-pop album cover. And yes, it does, and yes, it's amazing. It's from La Redoute, a shop you know I love very much indeed. My video yesterday was full of La Redoute pieces, but I wanted to share two of the look I loved the most from that video on here too. 

So first is the super bright top - which I wore with an all navy outfit. In my dreams I would have worn it with no jacket, but the weather wasn't permitting on the day, so my pea coat came out with me too. You guys know I am sucker for a designer shoe, but these La Redoute boots are fab. They are so comfy and remind of these Loeffler Randall boots that I have had for a while and worn to death.




The second look was also alllll about this top, it's only taken me a solid year to get on board with the off the shoulder trend. Now I have finally given it a go I am fully converted to it! I am so used to seeing myself in turtlenecks I automatically feel uncomfortable in pieces like this, but I 100% need to embrace it and be a little braver with clothes like this! The jeans are also La Redoute, and as I kept saying in the video, there is something so Parisian about them!! I think it's the cropped length with the high waist, and the fact they fit like a dreammmm. Harry told me I looked like I belonged on a WW2 propaganda poster with this outfit, I am not sure if that's a compliment or not?!