Girly Girly

Oh heyyy, here is me in a very very girly dress. The summer months always make me feel a little more girly, I am way more likely to embrace some ruffles here and there, the odd subtle print, and even some pink from time to time. So when I saw this Karen Millen dress, it was one of those 'Oh it's so not me, but I really really like it" kind of items. I have to say, I chickened out with fully embracing it's girliness and paired it with some masculine shoes and a leather biker, but I think for the right occasion, I might go for it with this dress and just wear it with heels. It's a gorgeous fit, so it really does look it's best with no jacket on, I was just a bit of a wuss in the end. 

Generally, I find stepping out of my comfort zone with what I wear to be a tricky one, especially because I share it all with you guys online. I find the balance between sticking to 'me', and also trying new things a difficult one to master. I always want to inspire you, which means I have to try new things here and there, but I always want you to see things as my way of wearing them. Sometimes people tag me in things on Insta of items of clothing saying things like "I saw this today and thought you would love it", and they are always bloody right too! I love it when that happens, because it shows me you guys get my style and know what to expect from me, and I always want to deliver on that. So. basically, this mini rant (that probably doesn't even make sense, the heat is making my brain turn into soup), is just to say that it's important to step out your comfort zone from time to time, but you'll feel your best doing it when you make it feel like 'you'. My Gucci loafers and leather jacket completely do the trick for me in this outfit, but maybe I will do a post all about stepping out your comfort zone with fashion at a time when my brain isn't soup. 

DRESS: c/o KAREN MILLEN (not online yet, I will update this ASAP!)  | JACKET: c/o ANAAGA | SHOES: GUCCI