New Favourite Jeans!


I think we all know that denim is my ultimate wardrobe essential, and no collection can be too big. The hunt for the perfect pair is never ending - you may have found your ideal skinny jeans a year or so ago, but now it's all about the girlfriend fit, so the skinny is out, and the hunt begins again. I have done a whole video about searching for the perfect jeans, but my latest discovery has just trumped them all.

The jeans in question are the Levi's Wedgie fit. You see me wearing the 501s all the time on here, and while I do have one pair I bought new, the best ones are vintage, and therefore hard to find the best fit. I had seen a fuss about these jeans when they first came out a few months ago, but honestly I didn't think they looked that special. But last week, when I was ordering some items to wear for Lovebox from Zalando, I thought I would give these a go. They are perfect! They are wayyy more skinny fitting than the 501s, but still have a sort of 'mom' shape to them. I believe the idea about them is to make your bum look big, and they deffo do that a little, but they just generally fit really well so the bum thing is just an added bonus. For someone who doesn't have curves around their waist, these jeans seem to completely change my body shape - giving me an hourglass waist and hips when really I am very straight up and down. 

I ordered the washed black pair, but I will definitely be purchasing them in different colours. Sizing wise I went for my usual W27 L32, and they fit very true to size. They have a button fly which I always love, and also frayed hems which are very of the moment. After all this raving, I just want to add this isn't a sponsored post, I just bloody love these jeans and had to share it with you - I know you guys are suckers for good denim too! The only thing I am yet to test is how they wash, so I can't fill you in on that info just yet - but judging how my other Levi's wash I am not anticipating any problems.