Reviewing My Three Loewe Bags

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SO today is going to be a big’un, but hopefully a useful one. Before I get going please may I point you all in the direction of a previous post I have done reviewing my Loewe Puzzle and Barcelona last year, this is like a continuation of that with a third bag added into the mix. It’ll be no shock that Loewe is my favourite handbag designer, and the first place I look if I ever want to welcome something new into my collection. Despite it now being a household name, I still don’t see every Tom, Dick and Harry wearing one down the street. And call me immature, but the second everyone has something I am guanateed not to want it anymore. Especially when it comes to something so expensive, which I am going to want to always feel special and a treat to wear. And my god these are expensive bags, tipping closer and closer to an eye watering £2k, I will understand if many of you want to duck out of this post now and call anyone who would spend that on a bag crazy. Because of course it is crazy, yet so many of us do it, and I am going to now try and argue why it’s worth it (I am the craziest of all right now). 

Let’s start with the first Loewe bag I bought; the Puzzle. I would buy this again in a heartbeat, in a different size, colour, material - I am the Puzzle bag’s biggest fan. It is so durable, I have had this for over 18 months now and it’s been my most used bag in that time and has held up so well. Any scratches just absorb into the leather, the shape holds perfectly (I have squished this into a suitcase many, many times), and it’s perfect for everyday wear. I think I will have and love this for many years to come and always sing it’s praises. The ONLY criticism I have is that despite it’s rather small size, it can be hard to find things in. The width of the zip is a tad shorter than the bag itself, meaning it can hard to get a root around going on. But it doesn’t cause me too many issues! 

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My most recent addition is the Loewe Hammock. This is the only Loewe bag I haven't paid full price for as I had a hefty voucher from FarFetch that I put towards this purchase. Nevertheless, it's one I had been eyeing up for a long time and would have paid the full price for myself. I had initially been tempted by a new Puzzle in this gorgeous tan shade,  but changed my mind after a lengthy trying on session with this style. 

It can be worn three different ways; held top handle, where the hammock shape really stands out. On one shoulder, which looks amazing but isn't something I personally find that comfortable. And then, as the strap is adjustable, cross body. I always find wearing bags cross body to be the most practical option so it's what I go for most, but with this bag the shape stretches out a little and you loose a hammock shape. 

The main issue I have with it is the fastening. It doesn't have a zip, just a clip on the inside which a) is very fiddly to use, and b) not very secure because you can still get things in and out of the bag when it's fastened up. It was something that put me off it for a while as it doesn't make it a secure option at all, but in the end the aesthetics and other elements of practicality outweighed that! 

You can fit a lot in this, and it does also come in a bigger size if you needed it. The good thing is that the bag sort of opens out the other way as it gets fuller, and still looks really good, so the shape and style isn't compromised for needing to carry about a lot of things day to day. And as it's quite open inside, it's actually easier to locate things than in the Puzzle bag, which I was surprised at as usually a sack like bag is a black hole for whatever it is you're trying to find.

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The Loewe Barcelona is my favourite for all occassions. It works as well for day to day as it does for evenings, and is definitely more appropriate for the latter than the previous two bags. This one continues to wear really, really, well - with no marks showing despite it being such a smooth leather. As with the others, I fill this one to the brim and it survives the trauma really well. The colour has always been one of my favourite things about this bag, it works as well with my Winter outfits as it does with the Summer ones, making is so incredibly versatile there is no way you won't manage to get the cost per wear down! In regards to both this one and the Puzzle, my review is very much the same as it was all those months ago - they have continued to wear so well, feel timeless, different and fresh despite me wearing them so frequently. If you are tempted then go for it, if you're after a new bag then definitely consider Loewe - while it will always be impossible to truly justify a £2k price tag on a bag, these come as close as you can get! 

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