Amsterdam City Guide


As promised, here is my Amsterdam city guide. It's not a huge one, as we were only there for a couple of nights and I really wouldn't say you need to be there for any longer than that. It's a beautiful place, with lots to see and take in - but it doesn't take long. For this post I am focusing on places to eat and shop, and I am going to include the prices we paid for things too. We tried to keep more expensive meals for evenings, where we had more time to sit and relax, and the cheaper options for lunch when we were nipping in.


Cotton Cake - 1e van der Helststraat 76-hs, 1072 NZ

We headed here for brunch and it was delicious!! The service wasn't the best (which was something we noticed in quite a few places), but it was also located in a shop so the girls working there were multitasking a lot! It is a lovely minimal setting, and the food was pretty delicious too. They had all the usual brunch suspects on the menu, which you can see here. Make sure you try the walnut and banana cake, as it was incredible. 

Price for three coffees, two avocado and bacon on pita bread, one portion of walnut and banana bread: €34.10


Cafe Papeneiland - Prinsengracht 2, 1015 DV 

Someone recommended this on my Insta, and the description of this sounded right up our street. Established in 1642, it is a gorgeous pub and is just so cosy! There is also a resident dog, which can only be a good thing. And you must get Apple Pie, it was one of the best sweet treats I have ever ever ever had and cannot be missed. 

Price for 2x Apple Pie's and cream: €9


Cafe George -  Leidsegracht 84, 1016 CR

There are a few variations of Cafe George around the City, this one wasn't too far from where we were staying so was out first stop once we arrived in Amsterdam. Sadly, it was a little disappointing. The service was slow, we waited about 15 minutes to just ask if we wanted a drink. While the food was really lovely, it didn't really compensate for how long we waited for it. 

Price for 2x main courses, 4x Gin & Tones, 2x Desserts - €93


Hotel V - Nes 49, 1012 KD

Mum and I stayed at Hotel V last time in Amsterdam (you can read about it here), and had eaten twice at the restaurant. It was top of my list of places to re-visit, as it was just so good. This time around, it was even better. Both Beth and I said it was in our Top 10 best meals we have ever had. It has an incredible atmosphere, really quick and attentive service, and incredible food. It's not completely extortionate either, and compared to the prices in Cafe George it could not be more worth it! 

Set price for 3x coursers: €36

Pancakes Amsterdam - Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH 

Both Beth and I were seriously craving pancakes one morning, so headed to Pancakes Amsterdam. It's a bit pokey inside, we were sort of stuck in a corner so close to the table next to us we could barely squeeze in. It isn't particularly nice or fancy inside either. However, the pancakes were delicious!! I went with the bacon, banana, and chilli one and it was incredible! They have lots of odd sounding flavour combinations too, but if mine was anything to go by then I definitely recommend experimenting a little bit. 

Price for 2x pancakes, and 2x coffees: €27



P.C Hoofstraat

This is the posh part of shopping, and is a perfect spot to wander down and do some window shopping. It has all the biggest brands, and it's almost like shopping in a department store as everything is so close together! 


This was a great street for coffee spots and shopping. There is such a good variation of shops; some gorgeous clothes shops (lots of Dutch brands too), homeware, and just generally knick knack shops which are lovely to wander around. 

Hutspot - Van Woustraat 4, 1073 LL

This is a specific shop that is definitely worth a visit. It had a cafe in there too, so you can easily spend a while in there! They have a wonderful mix of things, and again, lots of Dutch brands. If you like minimal fashion, its a great spot to browse the best of the best!