Weekend Outfits


Lets get over hump day with some weekend thoughts! Specifically, thoughts about my outfits from the weekend, of which I have two to share. First one is from Saturday night, when Harry and I were going for some drinks with friends - we stepped out, looked at the sunset, and I marched back in to get the camera. This was too good of an opportunity to miss! Just look at the colours! 

For the evening I was wearing my new Topshop blazer which I am loving, and also my Tibi sandals which I have been putting on at every possible opportunity. And let me tell you the honest truth about that little mark on this top.. 

My WORST EVER job is ironing. I very rarely do it, and Harry has taught me his lazy and fabulous method of getting out the crinkles with a hairdryer. You just shove it up your top, it sort of helps with the creases - it does a good job on cotton t-shirts, but with this top it just make the material go a bit melty and funny. What a fail! It serves me right for being lazy! 





Here we have my Sunday look. Harry and I went out for Sunday dinner so I got a little dolled up for it (although Harry just asked me 'who died?' when I came downstairs... apparently I could have also attended a funeral in this look!) The morning was a belter of a day, with gorgeous weather. SO I shaved AND tanned my legs to wear this dress, only to have it rain as soon as we stepped outside. 

Anyway I still liked my outfit, I loveeee how these shoes look with bare legs and is deffo going to be a thing for me this Summer. And longline blazer with short dresses is also going to be a thaaaang too. Anyway, despite the rain slightly ruining things it was still an outfit I loved, and was worth the leg shaving/tanning effort (also let me add, yep this is my legs with tan on, they are glowing white normally, it's quite impressive!)  


DRESS: COS (old, similar style here) | BLAZER: COS | SHOES: GUCCI | BAG: LOEWE