Pinch, Punch, First Of The Month

If you are reading this as this goes live at 8am, I hope you’re simultaneously eating a chocolate from your advent calendar! I have been wondering if there is an age limit of advent calendars? Is there an age when you shouldn’t really be getting excited about them? I do hope not because I am 24 and I got my advent calendar over a month ago and I have been looking forward to cracking into it ever since. So, needless to say, this morning has been a good one for me. 

As it’s the 1st December, I wanted to let you all know about what content to expect throughout this month. I am hoping I can continue to share five posts a week along with weekly vlogging. When I set myself a task like that it’s rare I don’t achieve it (read: I am very uptight with things), but I am so tired at the moment I am not sure I will succeed this time. It’s the first time ever I feel like I am prioritising my YouTube over my blog! My blog is the foundation of what I do, despite my audience on YouTube being bigger I still consider myself as a ‘blogger’ and not a ‘YouTuber’, and my blog provides me with my income, so needless to say it’s super important. I never, ever plan on neglecting this space. YouTube gave me an outlet to discuss clothes and style in a different way, but my passion will always lie in photography and the content I produce for this space. The fact so many of you come to read everyday never ever stops motivating me, making sure the post is there at 8am every morning (except Saturdays!) But, I don’t know about you guys, December is definitely a month to slow down a little. I have planned out my time off already, and I am counting down the days until I go to Mum’s and officially transform into a 100% slob and just sit about and eat chocolate. So hoping to wind down, do Vlogmas, and create five blog posts a week sounds like a combination that isn’t going to sit too well together! 

Sorry this has been a ramble, a complete stream of consciousness if I am honest. I am writing it on the train back to London as I quietly panic about how I will get the ideas I have for posts shot, edited and shared on here in the time scale I would like. So I thought I would share this with you, just incase it all goes tits up and I give up by the end of next week and sink into my chocolate slob state sooner than planned! But what I think it always comes down to is all of you reading this. When I have an idea I instantly want to get it out to you all for your feedback, which you never ever let me down on. I am thinking that just may spur me on enough to get up 19 posts between now and Christmas (gulp!! that makes it sound even harder). I have upcoming travels to share, party outfits I need to get on here, and the usual denim combinations you get to see all the time. Fingers crossed we can all make this work!!