Black Friday (I hate it but love shopping more so here we are)

Here it is. The dreaded day. Who knew a sale could make one person to stressed out? I actually hate Black Friday, I hate the fact we've adopted it (will we be celebrating Thanksgiving next?! I would not be surprised!) and I hate the fact all the stuff I have been buying recently is now on the sale. I was feeling stressed about it anyway, knowing I should hold off buying things, knowing the five pairs of boots I bought for Testing Basics would likely all go in the sale. And then the whole bloody ordeal seemed to start on MONDAY! That nearly tipped me over the edge!!

I actually wasn't planning on creating a post around Black Friday for you guys as there as so many - but on the off chance you didn't read many other blogs, I thought I would scour the internet for my fave pieces. And of course share an outfit with you (a black and moody one, because I am moody today, if you couldn't tell). I've pulled together all my favourite pieces from my top shopping spots. I have mostly used the sale for some Christmas shopping, and made one cheeky purchase for myself (I will share that with you next week once it's arrived!). Hopefully this isn't too overwhelming! As a general rule I use sales for shoe shopping and not much else, and limit my search to high end pieces where the saving is greater. I also avoid going near actual shops like the plague and shop from the safety of my sofa.

Now after what has possibly been the most whingey post I've ever written, let's all cheer ourselves up with some retail therapy. Afterall, my love for shopping and getting a bargain does slightly outweigh my hate for Black Friday (as my creative blog post title suggests). 

ASOS: 20% off everything with the code "GOGOGO" 

LA REDOUTE: 40% off everything with code "BLACKFRIDAY" 

HARVEY NICHOLS: 20% off fashion and accessories 

JAEGER: 25% off with code "GRAZIA25" 

SELFRIDGES: up to 20% off with code "SELFCCE" 


ALL SAINTS: 30% off with code "CYBER" 

MANGO: 20% off everything with code "BLACK" 

Hope you enjoy! x 

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