Speedy Summer Months

Me and this shirt dress are in the midst of a rather intense love affair. Which is just me trying to make 'I have worn this almost daily this week' sound wayyy more fancy. Over jeans, over shorts, it looks amazing with everything. This particular look came about last week, on one of those sunshiney days we had but already seem like foreverrr ago. It's also pre hair-cut, which happened yesterday and THANK YOU so much for all your lovely comments on the Instagram post! I love it so much, and some proper photos will be coming your way ASAP. 

Just before writing this I was looking through my diary to see what's going in next week, and I cannot believe it will be August on Monday!! In my mind the Summer months are always the longest - I don't know if it's because of school holidays, where you have 6-8 weeks ahead of you, 50% of which I spent complaining about being bored. Whereas now, I can't believe we are coming into the last Summer month! When I was younger, Summer always seemed to be something that was held in such high regard or being the best time of the year - what you would fill your holidays with, what you would tell friends when you went back to school in September. This Summer I have done one thing more than anything else; blog. And it's been the best Summer of my life! One half of my loves the pace time is going, because it only feels like this when I am busy and not bored of things. The other half wishes it would slow down a little so I could enjoy it more, and really take stock of how weird my job is, but how much I love it!