How to get out of a style rut!

Last week I found myself in the midst of the dreaded... style rut!!! AHHHHHH! The classic case of screaming 'BUT I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' while trying to look through a clothes rail so full it's about to fall to bits. This was me last week. Despite owning more clothes and shoes than anyone really needs (actually, scrap that, you can never have too many shoes), I had nothing to wear whatsoever. I am sure you have all been there before too, but I thought I would share with you some tips of how to recover from these mini style crisis.


1. Rekindle that flame! 

It can be very tempting to frenziedly rush to your ASOS saved items and move them all to the basket when the 'nothing to wear' moment strikes. But injecting your wardrobe with new items isn't always the best bet - and buying in a rush is a sure way to waste your money on something that will get worn once. Instead, shop your own wardrobe. Do you have a piece you used to love and have neglected a little recently?? Try it on again, maybe with some newer items you have, and try and rekindle that love. Not only do you save some pennies, but you also push yourself to style things differently - but doing this with items you already own ensures you keep things 'you', rather than welcoming home new clothes that you ordered while thinking it's time to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I am guilty of that one!! 

I have been wearing this All Saints coat that I bought over a year ago lots recently. It was an everyday favourite of mine then, and I have now remembered why. Bringing this back into my daily outfits makes it almost feel like new, and how cool does it look with my Gucci loafers?!

COAT: ALL SAINTS | JEANS: ALL SAINTS | SHOES: GUCCI (closed back version here)



2. Focus on the details

Older items can be revamped by honing in on the details of dressing. Whether it is layering a turtleneck under your favourite shirt, or simply tucking the front of a t-shirt into jeans, these little things can make clothes and outfits feel brand new! I recently got a few pairs of grey marl socks and have been wearing them with as many different shoes as possible. Not only is it warmer and much comfier, it looks seriously good! Try it with trainers (honestly, skinnies with a knit and some converse looks 193721x cooler with some socks on show too), or let your socks poke out the top of your fave ankle boots. If you were feeling extra fancy you can even go for sparkly or patterned socks - such a simple way to experiment too!


JEANS: ASOS | SHOES: CELINE | SOCKS: WIGWAM (ASOS have a very impressive sock selection here)



3. Update the basics

If you are going to insist on doing a bit of shopping (I am addressing myself here too), then go for basic items. Stick with things you know you love and wear, and that will make an impact in your wardrobe. While the body-con dress may make you feel like a goddess in Topshop changing rooms, when you've got to get dressed the next day to go to the shops, it's not going to be much help in the outfit dilemmas. When I was in the midst of my wardrobe crisis, I decided to treat myself to some new jeans. I wear jeans everyday, so when I am bored of my looks, the denim has something to do with it. I chose to go for a slightly different shape - baggier than my usual skinnies, but skinnier than my Levi's 501s. An item I know will feature regularly in outfits to come, and made me feel more excited about my go-to combinations again! 






4. Seek some inspo

So this point is a big'un, because for me, it's the most important.. and it's got to be done right. I love to spend my evenings pinning away, reading blogs, and generally soaking up as much inspiration as possible. But the important thing is to take it, and make it your own. Now, as you're unlikely to own the exact same items as the girl or guy your swooning over, it's going inevitably end up a little different. But I think the key part is working out what inspires you about a look, and focusing on that. So here are some examples of what's been inspiring me:



Photo found on Pinterest, taken from Collage Vintage

When browsing on Pinterest I often search for an item I already own, to see some different ways to style it. It really helps to refresh your style, and make you feel excited about an item again. This particular image was found in my 'Gucci Loafers' search. 

It was the girl on the right that got me. She looks incredible. And this is a perfect example of how to fall in love with what you've actually loved all along. I have done all black with my Gucci loafers many times, but I had been feeling sort of bored with it recently. But this reminds me of why I love it! So with all black and Gucci loafers as my base, and recreated a look around it. To mix it up a little I went for an oversized jacket rather than a tailored blazer, to contrast the skinny jeans, and a v-neck blouse in favour of a turtleneck. 





Image found on Pinterest, I don't know the source I am afraid!! 

This image has been constantly popping up on Pinterest and it just gets me every time. Not just because those Chanel shoes are high on my wish list, but the whole look just screams effortless style. I love everything about the look, and realised that a pair of my 501s were super similar to the jeans she is wearing. So that was the basis of my own look - which I wanted to team with some knitwear too. I wanted to break the look up a little, so I went with a grey knit which I tucked in at the front. I loved the way she is wearing cropped denim with her ankles bare, so I wanted to take that from this look too. I chose my favourite Grandma shoes, swapping the exposed upper foot for an exposed heel. 

JEANS: LEVI 501s | KNIT: ZARA (old, try this one here) | SHOES: DORATEYMUR



Photo found on Pinterest, source is Elin Kilng.

Elin Kling is one of my biggest style inspirations. Her blog was one of the first I ever read, and I can clearly remember pouring over her looks and wanting to copy them. She certainly has played a part in my love for a minimal wardrobe, and no one does minimal dressing quite like her. 

The simplicity of this outfit is what made me fall in love. The thin knit with light wash jeans, and a nude pump. Perfection! This look I had to try almost exactly - but with small details changed to suit me. First, I went with a turtleneck knit because I think there is nothing more chic, and I love pairing sexy shoes with an outfit that almost covers all skin. I also went with some super long jeans that I have to turn up, which completely changes the shape and style of the denim. The bagginess is emphasised, and again is offset with a killer heel in the most classic shoe possible. 

KNIT: COS (sold out, try this one) | JEANS: LEVI'S 501s | SHOES: GIANVITO ROSSI