Blogging Schedule

Let me tell you a little bit about my blogging schedule. Once a week, usually on a Monday, my Mum comes to Manchester and we shoot my content for the rest of that week. We usually do 3-5 outfits in one day, and then if I have any other outfits I want to shoot I nag Harry until he does it later on in the week. I have found this the only way I can be sure to stay on top of posting regularly, but it isn't my favourite way to shoot. Ideally, I would love to shoot one a day, and share what I am wearing along with what I have been doing in that outfit. When we go away, and I am wearing a good outfit and I am with my Mum everyday, I can do this and I love it. But for normal day to day life it just isn't feasible, mostly because it takes up too much of other people's time! So, what I tend to do instead is wear the outfits we shot on Monday later in the week. In my head, I've done my outfit planning - so I just wear these looks! Right now, it's 8am on Thursday morning, and I am going to London later today - and this look is what I will be wearing! Easy peasy, no thought required. So although this was shot in Manchester, on Monday, it's an outfit I wore for an afternoon in London for a meeting and an event.