This Is What My Average Day Looks LIke

Sometimes I get tired of sharing outfit posts. Don't get me wrong, they will always be my favourite type of post to share and I will always keep them the focus of this blog, but today I fancied something a little different. The other day I was going through the archives of my blog (probs a sign I need to get over myself) and stumbled across this gem of a post. After lots of cringing and marvelling at how far my blog as come since then, I decided to create that post again. SO here we have a day in my life, I took as many photos as I could throughout the day documenting what was going on. This particular day was Wednesday of this week, which was a very typical day for me so a good representation of what my day to day life is like. 




I always start my day around 7am. I am one of those annoying morning people, and Harry is too thankfully, so it works for us! Recently we have been waking up to gorgeous mornings, and the flat is bathed in light. It makes it so much easier to wake up and feel fresh, and I love to sit down with a cuppa in the morning sunshine. 


So the very first thing I so in the morning is make a cup of tea. I can't fully function until I've had one, so every morning starts with a mad dash to the kettle. After the tea is made, I will usually sit down at my laptop for an hour or so and start working. I normally use this time to reply to any left over emails from the day before, to read over my blog post of that day, and reply to any comments I have on YouTube. Sometimes, if I am feeling extra wild, I have a second cup of tea before I get dressed. 

9am - 11am

So Wednesday is also my vlog uploading day, which recently has always been going wrong! The Wifi at home is not not my friend at the moment! I always edit and start uploading my vlogs on Tuesday morning, so they have almost 24hrs to upload - alas, this week, when I woke up it was only at 50%!!! SO after my first cuppa, I got ready and headed out to Ezra & Gil to use their Wifi and get my video up. Thankfully I also got to have a yummy breakfast.. every cloud! 



Once I arrived back home I started straight on with filming a video, this one is the next in my Testing Basics series and is all about denim. I had so much info to get in there, I had to re-film it three times as I kept missing things out! After it was finally finished I was then faced with the post filming mayhem - which is also similar to a small bomb going off in the flat. 



So next up we have more tea. Tea features throughout the day, I honestly drink at least 6 cups while I am working. Once I finished cleaning up the filming mess I sat down to edit through the footage (with cuppa in hand) and make sure it was all okay. I also edited through a few photos, and as usual, replied to any emails. I wish I could make things sound a  little more glam... but honestly I find it all so enjoyable so I never get bored of it! 

2 - 3pm

More work. I thought I would share our less than glamorous desk space. I am looking at this right now, thinking I wish I had moved those bloody batteries, haha!! Anyway, Harry and I work opposite each other, as when we work side by side he just slowly edges me off the table. I can hold my own a little bit more from the other side - Harry was in Uni all day Wednesday anyway so I wasn't battling for space this time around. 




When I am working at home all day on my own, the hardest thing to do is have Instagram content. I have to make sure I get dressed, then seek someone I know out to take a photo for me. So on this occasion I caught up with Harry on his way back from Uni and make him do some photos. This was for yesterday's post, and I loved the outfit so much! The photos turned out amazing too, so thank you Harry! 



Back home and back to a bit more work. Editing the photos we just took, etc etc. By this time I am slowing down a little - I work way better in the morning than the evening. So I usually have some YouTube playing in the background, and am getting distracted by ASOS and Buzzfeed! 


6pm - 8pm:

Harry and I do tend to work late into the evenings. I know I always feel like there is more I could do, and because I really love it, it tends to not feel like work. If you watch my vlog you will know we are HUGE Buffy fans, so we usually watch an episode every evening. On Wednesday we watched the one where Joyce dies... Buffy fans will know that one is such a tear jerker, we were both sobbing on the sofa! Anyway, I usually watch Buffy while reading through my fave blogs and leaving a few comments, it's so relaxing and because I have seen Buffy approx 198392 times, it doesn't require my full attention. 



Because Harry and I like to wake up early, we also like to go to bed early. Around 9pm is when I start thinking about bed, and the winding down routine beings. 9 times out of 10 I will have a bath on an evening, and this marks the moment I try to not look at a screen anymore (Instagram is always too tempting though). So I will always read in the bath, I am currently reading The Trouble With Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon. If I get into the book, the no-screen thing is a breeze, as I get out of the bath and into bed with my nose still in the book. So I normally read for another hour or so in bed, and my eyes tend to shut by 11pm at the latest!