My Week on 35mm #2

OK so picking up my film each week is already becoming a highlight... and it's only been three weeks! This week was spread between Manchester and London, and I worked on an incredible project you all read about on Tuesday. I am still smiling thinking about that one. I also have been buying lots of frames for all these photos I now have, which I show you guys in this weeks vlog too. 

I am honestly so excited about these posts. I am thinking of so many other ways I could incorporate film into my blog, because it's just my ideal aesthetic and so rewarding. When I look back through my blog and see how far my photography has come, I can't help but feel proud. But that being said, I still want to push it further - it's too easy to fall into a comfort zone, and a very efficient one, in shooting and editing in the same way all the time. I am so guilty of doing that, and it's a natural thing to do when you're busy - sticking to what you know is both safe and time effective! However, I am itching for something different - and I think this is just it. 

Also the last photo of me moodily posing with a Buffy boxset is the most 'me' thing I have ever done. Is it weird to frame a photo of yourself? I think I may have to do it either way.