Unboxing Winter Treats



This post is sponsored by Jaeger


Part of the joy of online shopping is waiting for the parcel to arrive. The anticipation of the whole experience is part of the reason I love to online shop so much. And it's all the more amazing when the parcel arrives in the most incredible packaging. It adds to the excitement of what's inside, plus inspires some very Insta-worthy moments. Some brands just get it right with their packaging, and Jaeger is one of them. Wrapped in lots of tissue, with colour co-ordinated stickers, and beautifully folded pieces (as someone who is very very bad at folding clothes, I am always impressed by this!) It makes the experience so luxurious and special... and if you are a kitten just so much fun. Is there a higher accolade than to say Percy approves? He has so many toys but the tissue paper and small strip of cardboard from this package was the absolute highlight for him. Hence him getting involved in so many of these photos! So thank you Jaeger, for also making Percy's day an exciting one.

I am also loving the yellow and grey combo and it's given me allll the inspo to use that as colour scheme for homeware. Gone off on a little bit of a tangent there but well done Jaeger for that gorgeous colour combination - I love it! It also compliments Percy's gorgeous fur and eyes... but this post isn't actually all about him (as much as he wanted it to be). 

So I spent my Sunday morning at Mum's, delving into amazing packaging with gorgeous clothes inside while playing with a kitten, and having my photo taken. Some serious multi-tasking, but also a pretty perfect way to spend a rainy morning. 



Of course while gorgeous packaging makes the whole experience all the more wonderful, it's whats inside that really counts. So say hello to one heck of a jumper, which I tried on straight away. I always wear my new items has soon as humanly possible. When I was little and went clothes shopping with my Mum, the shop assistant would have to put the new item of clothing through the till with me wearing it, as I wanted to wear it instantly. Not much has changed since then, so I popped this gorgeous jumper on right away. And you know you're onto a winner when it goes perfectly with what you were already wearing - this one is definitely going to work well with the rest of my wardrobe. Aside from the gorgeous blush pink that I am very into, I am mostly loving the structure. The wide sleeves and slightly shorter body makes it the perfect piece to tuck into your jeans, and it's a beautifully thick fabric which holds the structure really well while being very soft. Definitely made my magicians. If you want kittens to lovingly gaze at you like Percy is in this image below, then you need to get this jumper.