6 Months In



Can you believe we are in June, six whole months into this year?! I certainly can't, it seems like two minutes ago since Percy was a little kitten at Christmas, two minutes ago since we were wearing 1000000's of layers and wishing for warmer weather. Time definitely speeds up as you get older, I remember feeling like the school Summer holidays stretched out foreverrrrr in front of me in July, whereas now I am worried if I blink for too long it will be October already. I love the fact that time flies because I think it means you're satisfied in life generally. When I worked in jobs I hated as a teenager, or was stuck in a Physics lesson in school, the clock would seem to literally stop. A four hour shift could feel like days on end because it wasn't stimulating. I genuinely can't remember the last time I felt boredom like that, which is probably why life is flashing before my eyes at the moment. I am doing my best to tell myself this is a positive thing! 

Anyway, despite it being here sooner than expected, I am glad it's June. I love Summer but it does take a while to get going in England, so I am hoping it will finally pick up as we move into the proper Summer months. And then even if we do blink and find ourselves in October, that isn't the end of the world because we will be in knits and surrounded by candles which I also love... all about those silver linings. The next few months are looking to be equally busy, I am working so hard on my Summer content to bring you guys what you really want to see - plus hopefully some interesting additions here and here. As always any recommendations are welcome, you guys just need to give me one excuse to go back to LA to shoot some bits and bobs and then I am there...

This is the first time these gorgeous shoes have been on the blog! I bought them a few weeks ago in a heartbeat, and I love them so much. I had first seen them in the Matches Fashion magazine and made a mental note to regularly check in online for them to become available, and ordered them as soon as they did. I am a huge fan of Aquazzura generally, they're some of my most worn and most comfortable shoes, and a pair like this are so special I know I will have them forever - even if I don't get to wear them all that often. They are stunning in every way; of course the incredible embroidery, the block heel, the blush pink colour. For now, I styled them with this Summer look, but they look just as amazing with jeans and a simple t-shirt to completely transform a look. They were a major impulse buy for me, but I don't regret them one bit! 


photos by Scott Leon