Before we talk about this outfit, I must say the biggest thank you ever for all the comments on Friday's post. It was such an overwhelming day, my phone literally did not stop and the response was so much bigger than I ever expected. There were SO MANY thoughtful and amazing messages that I don't even know where to begin with saying thank you to them all. Everyone was kind, reassuring, supportive and so incredibly complimentary I am not sure me and my ego will fit through the door today. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I could not be any more grateful for every single one of you and this giant support system I find myself with. Thank you, a million times !

Annndddd to the outfit! 

I do believe this is the official debut of my new Gucci loafers on the blog. I bought them before heading to LA after instantly falling in love with the blush colour. I genuinely think I could be the official ambassador for Gucci loafers now the amount I go on about them. They are 10000000% worth the investment and you will not regret getting a pair. This is my third pair, and I am sure that the collection will continue to grow. This colour is perfect for Summer too, I wore these everyday in LA after my new Charlotte Olympia slides shredded my feet. Believe me, no matter how many blisters you have, Gucci loafers will still be comfortable. 

This was one of my favourite LA outfits, which seems to be the only place I seem to feel totally comfortable in a crop top. I kept trying this top on with different pieces too because I love it but definitely can only brave it with some super high waisted trousers. Thankfully this Topshop pair perfectly fit the bill! Topped off with my white Celine sunglasses which are a purchase I am so glad I made... thank you to Lindsey for persuading me to get them a couple of weeks ago. 

I am already missing LA lots and lots, but I have a super exciting month ahead - hopefully squeezing a move to London in there too, if not in August. So no more impulsive trips to LA for me! Probably just as well, I can almost hear my bank card scream whenever I go near the Airbnb website.... I still have a few more posts from the trip, and a video, so we can all continue to live vicariously through these photos for a little longer. 


Photos by Scott León.