New Years On Film


I am so so glad to be back weekly vlogging again. Vlogmas really took it out of more, in a way I didn't realise until I actually stopped doing it. I wrote about my worries regarding daily vlogging before the whole thing began - and much of what I was concerned about turned out not to be the issue at all. The workload was completely manageable, and I quickly got into the habit of remembering to pick up the camera as much as possible. I felt proud to say I didn't miss a day, and each day I managed to pull together at least 10 minutes of footage. But despite all that, I am afraid it wont be something I rush to do again. It made me doubt myself in an odd way, I think it made me overthink everything I did wayyy more than usual - and then thinking about how those actions would relate to my channel. Weekly vlogging really seems to aleviate that pressure, and I am so thankful to be sharing my life in big chunks again now! That being said, I wanted to say a big thank you for your support through Vlogmas. It did give me chance to discuss some important things in more depth to usual, and your response to that was overwhelming! So, thank you so much, as always! 

But, in other news, we had a wonderful long New Years weekend!! Harry had a party at his house, and we all got rather drunk and danced lots. My New Years outfit took a last minute change - the sparkly number I had planned to wear (as voted by you guys) got the last minute boot when I realised I was considerably more dressed up than everyone else! So I went for the one that came in second place, my & Other Stories black dress, which felt slightly less dressy. Thank you so much for all the feedback in my outfit decisions post too, it's definitely going to be something I do a little more as I loved reading all the comments so much. I also started the night in my gorgeous Gianvito Rossi's which quickly became too painful, and switched to my comfy Jil Sander boots. I could honestly dance all night long in these boots, they're a dream!