My Week on 35mm #8


Happy Hump Day everyone! (Not ashamed to say I had to google that to double check what 'Hump Day' actually was. Along with ICYMI. Feeling very up to date with everything now though). We have another week in film, lots of outfits which I am now going to be adding to the 'Shop My Looks' section of the blog which I have been neglecting for wayyy too long. It was a wholeeee week in Manchester which is always lovely. Harry and I, despite living in the same bloody house, have barely seen each other recently. It's just the worst when work gets in the way and schedules refuse to match up, but sometimes it happens! So far this week has been much better and we actually managed to have a wholeeee evening in together! 

I also spent all day Saturday shooting with Paul, who is a very talented film photographer (we have worked on two posts together before which you can see here and here). I am so excited to share the content we shot together, the first post will be coming your way this week! All in all it was a very productive week, I even went to look around the gym which I am thinking of joining... yet to actually do it as I don't want to get too ahead of myself. But actually going to look around it was a step in the right direction... even if I did go straight to the cinema and eat a whole bag of chocolate buttons afterwards. 

Finally, as I write this I am feeling SO cosy and like Autumn is finally here! I know the change of the season is going to inspire me and my content so so much! I can't wait - I am also feeling like film photos will look ever better on a cold Winter's day. Give me a month until I am complaining about the cold and rain.