All Of These Things On My Mind


IT'S BLOODY APRIL! One whole quarter into the year. I always feel January-March drag the most so it will be end of Summer before we know it. Madness! 

It's been feeling increasingly like Spring, which is making me feel more and more inspired all the time. I am currently full of ideas, so many that I don't even know where to begin or how to get them out here in a coherent way. So I thought I would begin with a massive brain dump, of all that's on my mind that I want to share but am yet to find the right way to do so. Hopefully this will serve as a good thing for me to revert back to, and also let you all know about the content I hope to share soon. 

1. Those of you who have been watching my vlogs will know I have been going to the gym for about two months, and seeing a personal trainer. I want to do a post about fitness (essentially about being terrified of the gym and unable to run) very soon, but as a result of working out I am seeing it make a huge difference in my sartorial choices. Not only is my body changing, but I am so much more aware of it. It makes me want to try new things. The body con dress I shared last week is evidence of that! 

2. The fact I have lost some weight (just around my tummy) means NONE OF MY JEANS FIT! This is nothing short of a nightmare, currently about 3 pairs fit me. I am looking through my denim collection and making careful decisions about which ones are worth re-purchasing. This really is going to prove which ones are my faves, and I will of course share the winners in a blog post. 

3. Colours have been more appealing to me than ever before. I blame my love for the pink and red trend that has made me branch out a little. I have lots of colourful outfits coming your way very soon! 

4. SHOES! I am in a shoe rut. It's been going on for some time. I am itching to invest in a pair for Spring, but am yet to find the right pair and I don't even know what I want. Normally I never struggle when it comes to shoes, but recently there is nothing catching my eye at all. I mean, it's a lovely problem to have, but can the designer shoe world please bring out something I love?! 

5. A potential denim ban?? The aforementioned issue about my jeans not fitting has been forcing me out of denim a little bit, which is very refreshing. I am thinking of banning myself from denim for a couple of weeks and having my outfits, and this blog, a denim free zone. Then I also feel like I am setting myself up to fail on this one as the few pairs that do still fit are on a pretty regular rotation too. So this idea is pending. 

6. Beauty. I am currently loving my daily make up routine and must share it on here. This is almost solely a fashion space, which is how I always intend to keep it, but I have been getting more and more questions about my beauty regime so I must share it at some point soon. Especially as I finally feel like I have settled on my favourite products for a daily minimal make up look.