On Our Walls


Nothing transformed our flat as much as filling our walls with art. I would gladly have something hanging on every inch of wall! It makes everything feel so much cosier, and I genuinely love looking over the pieces we have hanging. I am constantly eyeing up prints I want to add to our collection, and have lost too many hours on Pinterest searching 'gallery wall'. 

We have a lot of wall space to fill in our apartment, and we have been trying to make the most of it and attempting to make it look full. The bedrooms are by no means ready to share yet, but our living/working space is looking even better than I ever imagined so I thought I would share that space with you all. You have seen the gallery wall before, which we made up with pictures we already had before me moved, but there are some new additions I wanted to mention too. 

The first of which is this tea towel I pinned onto the wall. I saw this in Fig and Sparrow in the Northern Quarter, and loved it but knew it was too fancy to use on dishes. So, rather than spending a tonne at the framers, we picked up some bulldog clips and used them to fasten it too the wall. I LOVE how it looks, and I have been obsessively looking for more fancy tea towels to hang as a inexpensive way to get some gorgeous things on the wall. 

We have mostly gone with a monochrome colour palette, but I am slowly trying to introduce some subtle colour here and here. Our newest addition are these four pictures we have hanging off hooks. The two photos are of Harry and I that my old housemate took for a university project and we love them so much. The two prints are from Magma in the Northern Quarter, which Harry and I bought for one another. We decided to hang them from these gorgeous hooks as a way to take up more space. Even though they are just four pictures in a line, they seem to fill the same amount of space as the nine pictures on the other wall! I am definitely going to use this method of hanging elsewhere too! We also decided to hang them slightly higgledy-piggledy so that when we inevitably got them wonky anyway we could say it was meant to look like that. Essentially we prepared to fail with this one. 

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