My Week on 35mm #12


New week and new hair for this one. I've come full circle with this haircut, from initially hating it and literally almost crying (seriously, I am putting that one down to hormones as I don't normally class hair as something worth crying about). And now I am feeling quite okay about it - the super full fringe makes me look so different which is where the initial strop came from, but now I am used to how it's looking I am feeling far more happy about the whole thing! 

We are also now in my Birthday month, which is just next week - ahhhh! I can't believe I am going to be turning 24, I am officially going to be in my mid-twenties which seems quite old and also not true. Whenever someone asks me how old I am I always instinctively want to say 19 and I am now almost five years off that, bloody hell! Anyway, next week will be full of the Birthday antics, so let's leave this week with lots of outfits featuring lots and lots of lovely coats (hear more about all of those here). 

November also seems to mark the real Christmas run up. I swear I don't remember Christmas seeming to start so early on, so I like to think of November as the planning month - outfits, blog posts, presents etc etc. And the December the full on festive month.. and yep, I will be doing Vlogmas too! 

Shop the looks from this post here, and check out this week's vlog at the bottom of the post.