New Year, New Blog

As promised, I am here today to discuss my brand spanking new blog design with you all! 

It was something I had been meaning to do for quite some time, as I had last updated my blog last November when I moved from Blogger to Squarespace. Since then I just hadn't managed to find the time to make any updates. I really did love my previous blog design, I love super simple blogs that focus on the content above all else, and that design certainly did that. However, I was starting to feel a little tired of it - and wanted something I could easily update and refresh on a more regular basis. 

And that is what brings us here. I am not sure how many of you will be interested in this bit so I will keep it short; I designed this myself on Squarespace. They offer loads of templates as a starting point, which you can then edit and tweak until they are no longer alike the original thing. Which is what I did with with one! You don't need much (if any) experience with HTML or CSS so it's perfect if you're illiterate in that stuff, which is the case for me. 

Much of the blog remains the same, as the previous one worked perfectly for my style of blogging - lots of regular updates, and lots of images. Images remain the focus, you can scroll through without clicking through onto different pages - something I always enjoy when reading other blogs. The navigation is all at the top, all links to my social just in the 'follow' section. I am not much of  a fan of widgets and buttons everywhere, and that keeps it as simple as possible. The font remains a serif font, always my favourite! And the images have got a little larger, but hopefully not too over-facing, in their size. A search bar was always present on my blog, but perhaps a little hidden within the Archive page, so now is sits on the top right hand side. Whether you're wanting to find a certain old post, or wondering if I have ever worn something in the past, then just use that to browse through all my content. 

My favourite thing, and the only major change, is the blog header. Where I have introduced a little bit of colour!! I was getting tired of seeing my black font against a white background, and figured it would a simple thing to update that had a massive impact. As you scroll down blog page, the image will move a little - how cool is that?! I plan to update that image as much as possible, I feel the possibilities are endless there too. I can get seasonal with it, share images that otherwise wouldn't be on the blog, and... TURN IT INTO A VIDEO! Go and have a little look on the 'Contact' section here to see what I mean - how bloody cool is that?! I haven't done it for the homepage just yet, but I will definitely be experimenting with that - and filming some footage just for my fancy little header. 

One thing I plan to work on much more this year is the 'Shop My Looks' section. Throughout this week I will updating it with all my Instagram images and blog post images, so if you want to quickly grab a link for something you can find it there without having to scroll here, although of course I hope you will come back later to read my ramblings.

Whenever I make changes to my blog I always ask myself 'what would I want to see from a blog?' I think it's the best way to design something, and not get caught up with other people's designs and features. I love minimalism (like you didn't already know that one!) and I love photography - so I want a minimal blog design that focuses on the images. All of them there for you as soon as you hit the homepage - and no reason to leave that page other than to see older posts. The new header allows me to keep things feeling fresh without making huge changes, and hopefully make things feel nice and new for you guys too! 

Thank you so much for all the support this year, and as always any feedback will be very welcome indeed. 

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