The Same Again


I often wonder if you guys get sick of how often I wear certain pieces? There is no doubt I have a huge wardrobe, but I have strong wardrobe favourites that come out time after time. I think I may have lost count of the number of times I have featured my Gucci loafers, H&M blazer and Topshop Girlfriend jeans on here. I get especially fixated on something when it's new in to my wardrobe - like this leather jacket. Yesterday I was looking at my own Instagram account (very sad, I know!) and I thought 'blimey I have worn that jacket a lot since I got it'. Like, almost every day sort of frequency. So I made a mental note and jotted down a few outfit ideas that excluded my beloved leather jacket. But in all honestly, I like wearing the same things over and over again. When I have something new that I love I reach for it everyday because (especially if it's a really good buy) it will go with my normal combinations but make them feel a little more exciting. So why wouldn't I wear it? While it may get repetitive seeing the same things so often I sort of want to keep it that way. It's my way of reviewing clothes I guess, if it comes up a lot then you know I love it. And I always hope it gives you guys more inspo of how to style items lots of different ways. I think we all have wardrobe favourites, no matter how big our wardrobes, and it's a natural thing to go back to them time and time again. And also a natural thing for me to want to blog about it!