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I literally don't need to say how much of an everyday staple denim is for me. Anyone who clicks on this blog can see that, scrolling down we go 'oh denim', 'ahh some more denim', 'some jeans', 'look, there's some denim'... and so on and so forth. So I am going to go ahead and give myself a title (not sure if you're meant to give yourself a title, but please go along with this one with me), I am now officially a 'Denim Aficionado'. So, being an official Denim Aficionado means I have a lot of denim knowledge, I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. And these bootcut jeans, these are something I like, well, really really like. 

These are Wallis' bootcut style jeans, which come up to the perfect cropped length on me (I am 5"8) making them that super cool mini cropped kick flare style that I am loving so much. These are way stretchier than I normally go for in denim, and I need to eat my hat for saying I don't like stretchy denim because I LOVE it in these. Not only does it make them super comfy for day to day wear, but it means they just fit me like a glove. They have been great to wear here on Vancouver Island when we are walking lots and lots and being all active (and also out of breath, me being very unfit and all). As it's been a little gloomy I styled mine with a knit and some comfy shoes, but take it from this denim aficionado, these will go with everything! 

It's impossible to have too much denim in your wardrobe. And dipping your toes into different styles can really refresh your wardrobe without feeling like a huge effort or a step out of your comfort zone. I had been wearing this exact combination with some skinny jeans the day before, but introducing a new shape of denim completely refreshes the look and makes me feel way more excited about it. 

You can browse Wallis' other denim styles here, and they have 25% off here!


This post is sponsored by Wallis. 

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