Layer Up

Ok so lets break down this outfit, which is a mix up of some of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe, and the newest.

This cami top, the newbie. I got this from La Redoute, with the specific plan to layer it up over a jumper. When it gets colder I am going to take this layering up a notch and add a jacket or coat in the mix. Or maybe a jacket AND then a coat when it's super cold. And maybe a scarf. The options really are endless I will be looking like the Michelin Man by the time I have finished. Anyway, getting ahead of myself here as it is not yet time to morph into the Michelin Man, instead I just stuck with the two layers! I love the white detailing on the cami which makes it really stand out, but still feels super minimal.  The bottom layer comes in the form of the be all and end all of layering pieces; the turtleneck jumper. Which I spoke at length about in my most recent testing basics (you can watch that here). This one is super skinny and quite sheer which makes it even more perfect for layering! 

Another piece from my Testing Basics are these Weekday jeans, which I am still loving and would wholeheartedly reccomend. The light wash denim works really well with a black outfit, and they come up to a really flattering height on the waist too. I paired them with one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe; these pointed ankle boots. I have had these for years and years, and have never found a paid of flat boots that I have loved as much as these! Every Winter I go on another hunt for a similar pair, but nothing quite compares! Thankfully they have got better and better with age - and I love how dirty and worn in they look now. I am confident that with a few trips to the cobbler for a re-heeling they will last for many years to come!