For The Love Of Blogging


I am writing this post on a Sunday afternoon while drinking far more tea than can possibly be healthy and listening to the Rolling Stones (I have had them on repeat all week), while browsing through some blogs. Looking for new ones, revisiting old favourites, and generally endlessly scrolling. I love blogs, I love imagery and writing, even short posts that just briefly tell me something about an outfit - nothing personal or profound, just thoughts and opinions about different things. I always consider myself a blogger more than a YouTuber, even though my audience on the latter is greater. It's because blogging is what I spend most of my time thinking about and working on, and I always find images and photography far more interesting than video. Of course YouTube is so much easier to consume, I spend a portion of each day with it on in the background while I get ready, or eat my breakfast - whereas reading a blog post requires a little more concentration and attention. But blog posts don't have to be war and peace, and I love scrolling through images of outfits and travel photos and experiences, just anything really! 


I think blogging can sometimes feel a little neglected. Like a lot of work going into something you don't see as much feedback from as you do as YouTube, but scrolling through photos like these and spending the time putting them all together like this bring so me so much satisfaction. I completely have a feeling that blogging is going to be making a comeback soon. I think more and more people are working on building their own aesthetic, which is so much easier to do via images on a blog than YouTube, which is a very formulaic platform at times. I see more and more creativity on the images I see on Instagram, and I for one am waiting for that to break out into blogs again as just one-two images a day on an app can feel stifling. 

The best thing about my blog, is it's mine. There is no algorithm here to ruin my day,  I am free to share whatever I want and experiment with different things. It's a complete expression of what I like, how I am feeling, how I want to be perceived - and that is what I love so much about other people's blogs too. They inspire me so much, not just with what to wear but how people (especially young women) are presenting themselves online. 


With all this in mind, it makes sense to share some of my favourites and the reasons I love them. And please let me know your favourite ones to read too as I am always on the look out for more! 

Hannah Louise F - Hannah is so bloody cool. Her imagery recently has been some of my favourite online, and her writing is always so bloody amazing. 

What She Said Blog - run by Joanna and Sarah Halpin, sharing their insane taste, style and general aesthetic - I can loose hours on this website. 

Z-Hours - Diane is SO bloody good at styling, amazing at layering, and I love the way she edits her images and formats her blog posts. 

Ordinary People - also one of the best YouTube channels I have come across. Gorgeous photos, amazing styling, just an overall coolness I will never achieve. 

Life of Boheme - I love the way she presents an entire lifestyle, she is based between LA and Paris and I think it really resonates in her style, which I love. 

The Petti Coat - one of my all time favourites. I love the mix of images she presents in posts, it's something I want to do more and more. She has such an eye for what makes a good photo, even if the subject isn't something you would normally look twice at. 



Photos by Scott Leon, a mixture of digital and 35mm.