The White Shirt Reimagined

This post is sponsored by Karen Millen

One thing I get a lot of questions about is workwear. For someone who has never worked in an office, I have a very workwear inspired wardrobe. I’ve done many posts about this in the past, and another one is well overdue. I think the key to great workwear is to find pieces you can always wear outside of work. From longline blazers to tailored pants, pieces like that play a huge part in my day-to-day wardrobe, and I think looking for items that can be worn in and out of the office is the key to finding the best investments. Arguably, the ultimate piece in any workwear wardrobe is a white shirt. Of course a classic white shirt is an essential in any wardrobe; casual, workwear, evening, and Karen Millen have designed a collection of white shirts that take this to a new level. From frills to oversized fits, their capsule collection has a shirt for everyone’s taste, to help elevate your workwear (and everyday) wardrobe.

Of course, I went for this minimal and oversized one. This one stood out to me for two reasons; the button down back, and the neckline. Now finding a good fitting shirt can be tricky when you’ve got big boobs, mine aren’t huge but they’re big enough to leave a gaping hole between the two buttons on shirts. It makes it difficult to wear a shirt done up to the collar, and wearing it undone often doesn’t look smart enough. This collarless v-neck style is the perfect answer to this problem. It means there is no collar scruffily getting caught under your jacket collar, and the neckline comes down to the perfect spot (I often find with my shirts that one button feels to high, and the next one wayyyy to low). Secondly, this amazing button down back. This is what really makes this shirt completely different to any I have had before. Obviously, it comes into its own when worn without a jacket. It brings the tie sleeves into the mix, and shows the whole thing off in all its glory. BUT, I personally love it underneath a jacket. Make sure it’s a little shorter than the shirt, so the back pokes out from underneath. It almost sits like suit tails, and I love the sillouhette it creates - smart and classic, but in no way boring. 

For the jacket choice I went with this tie blazer - really sticking with the idea that workwear should be worn outside the office too. I would also wear it over a t-shirt, belted up, and some light wash jeans and converse for a super laid back outfit. Karen Millen offer a lot of tailoring that isn’t a matchy matchy two piece, these trousers are a classic black tailored pair that you could really wear with any black jacket. And finally, the gorgeous shoes!! The easiest way to inject a bit of colour into an outfit for me is always the shoes - these are also available in nude and I so nearly went for them, but in the end I decided to go for something different and feel a little bit Spring like! These are a pair you can also pack on holiday with you too, they would look amazing with a tan and a shirtdress. 

And as a final note, if you want to hear me share to love for white shirts and how to style them with any other gorgeous Karen Millen pieces, then pleaaseeeee come along to the KM store in the Trafford Centre on Wednesday 8th March between 6pm and 9pm, with my talk beginning at 7pm. I would love it if you could come along, I will be there all evening talking through some more styling tips too!