Wardrobe Confessions

So let me tell you a little something about my wardrobe. Quite often I get requests for a wardrobe tour, and the day I have a walk in wardrobe worthy of the most glamorous Pinterest boards, I promise you I will be sharing that in a flash. But right now, my wardrobe consists of; one wardrobe I can't open without then spending 5 mins wrestling it back closed, one clothing rail and three units of garage shelving for shoes. All of this is concealed behind a curtain (an IKEA curtain, no less) and is about as unglamorous as you can get. I have a strict policy that no hanger holds just one item, everything is doubled up, which means things get lost. So the other day I was wrestling with my wardrobe and a shirt slid off the hanger and onto the floor. Beneath it, it revealed it's hanger partner, that had been hiding under there for several months. This INCREDIBLE COS top. I wore this for LFW back in Feb, and it has been hiding ever since. I was so excited to rediscover it, and wore it the very next day. From now on this is going to have its own special hanger, so that I never forget it again. 

So for the old-but-feeling-new-to-me-because-I-forgot-about-it top's outing, I went with some kick flared jeans, my beloved Dear Frances boots (getting in as many wears of these before Summer as possible), and these very snazzy sunnies from Ace&Tate which have been glued to my head since they arrived last week. They're the new Kat Limited Edition style and I think they may well be my fave sunnies, I lurrveeee them! 

TOP: COS (it's sold out online but it is in the sale so check in store too!) | JEANS: WEEKDAY | BOOTS: c/o DEAR FRANCES | SUNGLASSES: c/o ACE&TATE (not available yet but you can sign up here)