Written In Seven Minutes....

GUYS I have had a bloody nightmare of a day yesterday and it's send me all skew-whiff!! As you may know, I publish my posts at 8am every day, so I write them the day before.. or even several days before if I am super organised. Right now, it's 7:43 AM... I have 15 MINS to get this published. GO GO GO! The reason everything has gone wrong because yesterday was one hell of a day. My Mum is here in Manchester with us for two days because I have a lot of content to shoot. I normally work by shooting about three outfits in one go with Mum at the beginning of the week, and then getting Harry to shoot me here and there throughout the rest of the week. However, Harry hands in his dissertation on Monday so his time is precious this week and he doesn't need me bugging him for photos to add to the stress. SO I had to shoot LOTS over these two days. Yesterday, I had seven looks to do, and all was going very well until... MY CAMERA BROKE!!! What perfect timing! We managed to make it limp along for the rest of the day on a particularly slow setting, but it was pretty tedious and painful and left us working until too late for me to write this post. ANYWAY today is a new day and I still have tonnes to shoot so I need to get onto planning a solution to the camera issue. Hell fire!! 

Ok so that took me four minutes to write, we are now on 7:47, so let me take three more minutes to tell you about this outfit. I wore this last week for a lovely meal with Radley and to visit their new Manchester store which is now open in the Arndale. They had the most amazing bunch of bloggers there and it was such a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon. The store is pretty gorgeous too, and has a personalisation station which fascinated me!! I have wayyyy more to show you about that in this week's vlog so keep your eyes peeled for that on Wednesday! 

Now it's 7:49... so let me get the links in for this outfit. 

JACKET: ETOILE ISABEL MARANT (old, try this one for something very similar) | TOP: ALL SAINTS | JEANS: WEEKDAY (very tempted by the black pair too) | SHOES: AQUAZURRA c/o FARFETCH | BAG: LOEWE