Shot From The... Middle Of Nowhere

Before we get going with this post I have to let you all know that these Gucci loafers are in stock!!!!! They've sold out in my size otherwise I would be re-ordering what are hands down the best shoes I have ever ever owned. Get them HERE

A break from the usual streetstyle, and into the Welsh hills! I spent this week in Wales with my Mum, which was mostly spent under clouds and lots of rain except for a odd breakthrough of blue skies and sunshine... which we managed to make the most of. I grew up in the countryside, in a small town near Halifax called Norland. There was no corner shop, just a local pub and working men's club, and a huge moor. I loved living there and growing up there, there was so much room to run around and play, and lots of my fondest childhood memories are from long walks along Norland Moor. We were not too far from civilisation, bang slap between Leeds and Manchester, and a stones throw from Halifax (not that you desperately want to spend much time there). But, despite having grown up in the middle of nowhere, I can announce that life is no longer for me. It's crazy how quickly you adapt to the convenience of living in a city centre. Wales was so beautiful, but I was near enough stir crazy by the time we left. And genuinely surprised at how much I had moved on from the lifestyle I grew up in, and into one of being able to nip out to wherever I need, where everything is open and phone signal is not something you have to worry about.

Don't get me wrong, I would go back to Wales. As I said, it was beautiful, and if you wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city and clear out the cobwebs with a bracing long walk... then this is the place for you. Despite almost loosing my mind due to going stir crazy, I do feel so refreshed from a break in the middle of nowhere. The frustration from the rain ruining most plans to create content has left me feeling inspired (although it's still raining as I write this), and all the fresh air did wonders for clearing my head. 

And what could be a better way than to share an outfit I am loving than on the top of a hill? This body is from LNA and is insane, I love it. Since feeling more body confident I have really gotten into bodies like this one, and they look so good with some baggy denim. These Levi's are my oldest pair and are milessss too big. As you can tell this belt is holding them up and completely changing the shape of them by cinching things in so much. I have a big pile of clothes I plan on taking to the tailor to make them perfect for me, and these are at the top pf that pile. Feeling more body confident to wear skin tight tops like this makes it really fun to play around with baggy and unflattering bottoms, where I would have previously opted for a tight bottom and baggy top. And if I hadn't been wandering around in long grass I would have worn this with heels, the perfect evening look! 

Finally, I have added a wishlist section to my blog! I've split it into two categories; £100 and under for the best high street pieces, and £100 and over for the things I look to invest in... mostly shoes, bags and jackets. I cam going to do my best to update it every single week too!