My Blogging Highlight

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about a highlight in my blogging career. I have already mentioned it on every single social platform, in about four videos... considered getting it tattooed on my forehead. But it really is a huge 'pinch me' moment for me, and one I completely cannot believe as happened.. yep, I was in Grazia magazine! I was invited to shoot with them as part of my collaboration with PANDORA, a brand I have clicked with so so well, and you guys loved the post we worked on together too! So, thank you, that support made this collaboration even more incredible for me. 

 I think we are all more and more used to seeing bloggers gracing pages, and even front covers, of magazines. It's an incredible thing, and one I had always hoped and dreamed would happen for me and my blog. AND IT DID!!! It was my first ever shoot like this, where someone sat and did my hair and make up (something I can deffo get used to!!), with a full team buzzing about, in an incredible location. It was honestly so nerve wracking/exciting/scary/incredible... and basically all the emotions rolled into one. But nothing came close to the feeling of turning a page in a magazine and seeing yourself there! While any magazine feature like this would have been incredible, Grazia feels extra special. It's the only magazine I have a subscription too, the only one I read religiously. For a long time now, getting a bath with Grazia in hand has been one of my favourite relaxing routines, only this time I got a bath with Grazia magazine and looked at a photo of ME in there!! 

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to say thank you to all of you. For reading my blog everyday, leaving me comments, sharing your thoughts and opinions on things with me. Basically, coming along with me on my personal style journey and fuelling my need to shop. I would not have had this opportunity if it wasn't for all of you, so I cannot say THANK YOU enough. I want to always nurture your support, and never ever take things for granted. You are all part of this journey, and I hope it will stay that way for a very, very, long time.. after all, I promise I will never get bored of posting my outfits!