Some Festival Inspo

This post is sponsored by ASOS x RewardStyle

We are well into festival season now in the UK! I love the British outlook to a festival - come rain or shine, we have a good time and get on with it all. I always struggle with festival style too - finding the balance between looking and feeling good, while also being comfortable and practical. Above all else you are there to have a good time, so a comfy outfit is a must. Also the aforementioned weather doesn't make things easy. Between sticky humid heat, looming clouds and torrential downpours... we do not get the guaranteed heat and sunshine of Coachella.

Hence why festival fashion can be a tricky one. While the failsafes of wellies, denim cut offs and a t-shirt do look amazing in a muddy field, it's sometimes nice to go for something a little different. I, once again, headed to ASOS to find some pieces for a festival look. I am currently filming a Testing Basics with denim jackets so it made sense to incorporate one of them into this look as it's a great piece for a festival. Something you can wash easily is obviously important, and you can pop a denim jacket in the washing machine with no problems. 

We all know I am most comfortable in a pair of jeans, but I am not the most comfortable in double denim look. A great way to break that up is to opt for some coloured denim, and this amazing dusty pink pair caught my eye instantly. The straight leg, high waist... everything is right up my street with these!! I am actually heading out this evening (I am writing this on Friday) and I am thinking I might wear them with a red shirt and some heels - meaning they are by no means something you can buy to just wear once. For this time I went with a white cami top (a questionable choice. While it's something you can re-wear it's a challenge to keep something white as a festival!), my beloved Converse and some cool sunglasses. Definitely don't risk packing designer sunglasses to a festival. I lost a pair of Ray Bans at Leeds Fest many years ago and learnt my lesson then! 

I think my favourite thing about this look as I would feel confident I am not going to see someone wearing some identical, and it's practical for the rain and the shine. I have done a festival in a cute little dress and then been in a the worst mood after getting drenched in the rain! Anything that gets in the way of having fun is simply not worth it, so I always try to dress with that in my mind.