Dreams Come True


The first week of 2017 is done! I for one am quite pleased, the pressure of it being a New Year is always such an odd feeling. I have sort of spent the week feeling like I should be doing something different, and feeling different, which in many ways is a strange expectation when it's just the start of another month. Of course, it's just the same as any other week, except I have been waiting for some miraculous change to occur. It hasn't, and I am still managing to consume as much chocolate as I was over Christmas which is not the idea! 

Anyways, some new things are happening in my life next week! I am getting my hair done on Monday, which I am so excited for. It's been over six months since I had it coloured, so it's beyond the point of needing a refresh. I am also going to be booking my first ever personal training session. I am not sure I will come out alive. I joined the gym last year and have never ever managed to crack a routine of going. I also spent most of the time walking tentatively up to machines before deciding 'no, I don't know how to use it and I am sure to break a bone trying to master it myself'. So, a personal trainer, despite the eye-watering cost, will both hold me accountable for not turning up and show me what to actually do in the gym. Hoping to have a six-pack around this time next week. 

While I am sure I will be thrilled about my six-pack, I don't think you will be seeing much of it, as I am still very much wrapped up in my winter clothes. This AMAZING coat can only be complimented in capitals because it's just SO GOOD. It's from a brand called Cecilie Copenhagen, a brand I have long lusted after and nearly fell over backwards when they offered to send me some pieces. This INCREDIBLE coat was my first choice, and it does not disappoint. I teamed it with my other new pair of GRLFRND jeans which I think you are all going to love. They're that almost-skinny-but-not-quite style that is everywhere on Instagram and is often so hard to find. They fit true to size, are a gorgeous thick denim, and are getting a huge thumbs up from me!