Occasion Wear: Topshop Dress


This post is sponsored by Topshop and RewardStyle. 

 I have lusted over slip dresses for such a long time, but never managed to find the right one for me. Because they are so skimpy, and me with my being quite tall, I have always felt a little too naked in them! So when I saw this one Colour Block Satin Maxi Dress Topshop online, I ordered it half expecting it to not work out for me. Wellll how wrong I was!! This dress is incredible, flattering, simple, sexy... and easy to style! The fabric is a thick satin meaning it holds some structure, especially through the waist and hips. The length contributed to making this feel more wearable for me, and actually all the more sexy for being longer. Of course the main aspect of this dress is the colour blocking, and it's my second favourite thing about this piece. The first favourite is the straps through the back. Being someone who doesn't wear statement jewellery, accessorising for an evening can be tricky in my eyes, but this dress definitely doesn't need it. The two straps that come from the middle of the dress, fall freely down the back, so you can tie them however you like. I went for a big knot, as per the styling online, and I love how it adds so much extra detailing into the back of the dress! 

So, as with all the posts in this series, I have styled up the dress for evening and night. It really didn't need much styling for the evening part of things, it's such a gorgeous piece keeping things fuss free is best to give the dress all the attention. I think this would be a great night out dress, mostly due to how sexy it is! So mirror selfies and toilet touch ups are of course part and parcel of a night out!! These shoes are amazing and I will make sure to be sharing these styled up lots of different ways soon - they're super easy to walk in, and a shoe you can wear for a night out and also day to day. I loved the heaviness of them with this slinky dress, it's a nice subtle contrast while still wearing something that matches really well. 

You could definitely add a red lip to this look for the evening if you wanted to step things up a little, I went with nude because I am massively into minimal make up at the moment. Also a bad hair day is completely optional too, mine was refusing to cooperate, which is bad on any day but the worst when you're getting ready for a night out! 



Annnndddd day time. When I first tried this on I thought I was going to be pretty stumped for making it day time appropriate. We all know I reach for denim to be well within my comfort zone, and I can always count on denim to help me dress things down a little bit too. So an oversized denim jacket was the perfect piece for the job. The gathered detail down the front of the dress still peaks through an open jacket, just make sure to tuck the straps down the back into your dress so you don't look like you've got a tail. As this is definitely a Summer look, I went for some super Summery shoes - these strappy suede sandals with a gold heel. Again, I can promise you will see these again on here very soon, they're stunning! They actually could work for an evening look if you are not a fan of wearing heels, but equally would be just as fab with jeans and a t-shirt. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how wearable this dress felt for day time, sat in a coffee shop with a giant (and amazing!!!) slab of carrot cake. I think when the temperature picks up a little bit, then I will be wearing this on a far more regular basis. I also love this one they have online - what do you guys think?? This may well be the beginning of a slip dress addiction! 


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