The Rules of Jeans and a T-Shirt



Yesterday was a belter of a day in Manchester!! It was properly jeans and t-shirt weather, so I made the most of it and thought I would share it with you too. Despite being a bit of a boring combination, I am a longtime fan of it jeans and a tee. I just have a few rules I stick to: 

1. High waisted and baggy is a match made in heaven. 

Making the silhouette of a simple look like this a little more interesting is pivotal for me. I LOVE the way a slightly oversized t-shirt sticks out from some high waisted jeans, I also find it a very flattering combination! 

2. Go for it with the shoes. 

If you are keeping it safe with jeans and a tee, don't miss the opportunity to wear your craziest shoes. Mine are these See By Chloé sandals that I got last summer and LOVE. I am definitely on the lookout for more statement shoes like these for this summer too. And added bonus that these are comfy. YAY! 



3. The coolest sunnies! 

So these amazing sunnies arrived this week from Sunglasses Shop. I have been wanting to get some round sunglasses for so long, they are just everywhere at the moment and look SO cool. This particular pair are the Ray-Ban 3447 Sunglasses, and I don't know what to tell you other that when I wear them I feel very very cool. I bet it's uncool to admit that, but yesterday I was walking around Manchester and I literally felt the coolest I have ever felt!! They are such a classic shape, and still the perfect statement. Anyways, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to jeans and a t-shirt. Whether a classic style, or a statement pair, make sure you wear your faves!

The latte is an optional part of the look, but their my fave summer drink so I would 100% recommend.