Homeware Inspo

Finally a homeware post! I have spent more time than I care to admit on Pinterest and browsing homeware online, trying to find the best pieces to invest in, the best bargains etc etc. Now I am in my place it's easier to have a strong idea of what I do want, and also what I need to live with for a little while to fully make some decisions. The last thing I want to do it rush into a decision that I later regret. 

I am going for a Parisian vibe for my flat. It has a huge bay window, parquet floors, huge iron radiators, high ceilings and chandeliers in every room. These original features are what really made me fall in love with the character of the place, and I don't want to compromise that character at all. The real challenge is in the main living space, which has to operate as a lounge, dining room and office. I want to achieve some sort of separation in the room, mostly so I can have some sort of split between the place I work and the place I relax, but also to keep a good flow throughout the room. 

There are a few photos on Pinterest which I keep coming back to which I thought I would share today, alongside some of the pieces I have ordered or plan to order to my new place. It's so exciting making a space your own, and I want this to feel like somewhere I can really relax in. 

This incredible home (which you can read about here) has inspired many things I want to reflect in my own place. I love the mix between a Parisian home with a really minimal aesthetic too, I think I will endeavour to have a little colour in my place, but overall that is pretty much my dream home. 

The first thing this has inspired is a huge mirror leant behind the sofa. I have been searching eBay for something similar endlessly, something that is at least 2 meters high. Not only will it make the room look so much bigger, but I can never switch off thinking about content - and a mirror selfie in something like that is perfect on the days where I don't have someone with me shoot a quick photo of my outfit for Instagram. I think it's going to take some searching the find the right one, and then some back breaking work to get it up the stairs, but it will be worth it in the end!

I am currently debating whether to invest in that exact coffee table. I think it's amazing and would work in almost all homes. The originals are crazy expensive, so I have been scouring eBay again for an alternative. These are definitely plenty of glass and metal coffee tables out there, but since seeing this one nothing has really compared. It would be first major investment into furniture so I am going to think on it for a little while longer before potentially making the plunge. 



The wire chairs are something I have gone with for my dining chairs. Specifically these ones from La Redoute which are on their way to me now, and will sit around this table. The black metal looks amazing against a wooden floor, and the open wire design stops them being too heavy in a room. As inspired by the image below, I think I am going to get a mix of cushions and throws to put on them too. Not just to make them more comfy, but to add some different textures in there too. Soft furnishings are the easiest bit to update at home too, so I can play around with some different colours that are easily updated down the line. 

This photo also served to prove something I don't think I want, which is a gallery wall. We had one in Manchester which I always loved, but I am feeling more inspired by something a little less uniform now. I am yet to put up the artwork I have as I cannot make up my mind about things, but I think I am going to scatter them around, just making sure they fill the space enough. I will always love to look of a black framed gallery wall, but for now I want to move away from it a little bit. I would really love to get a few canvases too, but I haven't yet had a proper hunt for any artwork. 



These two images got me thinking about two things; colour, and ways to display books. I am always a little unsure of how to work colour into interiors, but it's definitely something I want to try more and more. Whether it be through throws and cushions, of some coloured pillared candles - I don't want to end up with a colour scheme as such, but just a little bit here and there. AND then books. I love how they look in piles on the floor. I have two little piles at the moment, but I am loving how it looks when it's piles of similar sized books. I think I need to go to some charity shops and find some that work... and then pretend to guests I have read them all. 

My Homeware Wishlist:

  1. This velvet chair from Rose and Grey, or a love seat like this one, depending on whether or not I can fit it in the room. 
  2. This throw from AM PM, which is my favourite homeware brand on La Redoute. To go on one of my dining chairs. 
  3. This rug from French Connection, I love layering rugs in a room so a Persian style one will be perfect to add in there too.
  4. These bedside tables from Made, pretty essential really so I need to get on with ordering those ASAP! 
  5. This lamp from Pooky, they have an amazing selection of lighting and I could go wild on here. 
  6. This mug, very 'me'. 

I have a video coming on Sunday sharing what pieces I have got so far, and I promise to keep updating you all every step of the way. I love the journey of deciding how you want your home to be, and being in your 20s and moving most years, you find yourself in position to experiment with homeware on a regular basis. Such a treat!