These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

This post is sponsored by Russell and Bromley. 

Pinch, Punch, The First Of The Month! The Christmas countdown is edging nearer, bonfire night just around the corner, temperatures dropping by the day and the darker evenings closing in even more. Winter is definitely here. It's definitely my favourite season, despite the miserable weather and short days, the cosiness and fashion makes up for all that. And with that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favourite things for Winter, so let's get straight into it and discuss the best aspects of stepping into Winter... starting with the perfect footwear: 

1. Over The Knee Boots

The ultimate winter boot! I have mentioned so many times about how my outfits get more and more boring the colder it gets. The same old combinations that are easy to throw on in the dark and keep me nice and warm. So a great pair of boots are the perfect companion for those looks. This Stuart Weitzman for Russell and Bromley pair are the best pair of over the knee boots I have ever worn. They fit so perfectly on my legs, the heel height is perfect for everyday, the suede is so incredibly soft, and they are some of the comfiest boots I have ever had. I always like to add a little bit of a smart edge into my outfits, and these boots do that effortlessly for me. They look just as great with a baggy knit and jeans as they do with a blazer - although the latter does make them an incredible piece for work too. With some black skinny trousers and a black longline blazer, that is definitely my kind of Winter workwear outfit! 



2. Warm Cups Of Coffee

Or tea, or hot chocolate, or a double toffee chocolate sprinkle skinny venti mocha chocha latte (I think if you actually tried to order that drink in Starbucks they would manage to rustle something up). Whatever your preferred warm drink is, they become all the more delicious in Winter. I love nipping out on an afternoon (in my fabulous over the knee boots) to grab a coffee somewhere. There is nothing quite like wrapping cold hands around a warm mug and taking a five minute break to watch the world go by. And the whole idea of nipping out to do this reinforces my point about good shoes - the number of times I dash out of the house in a old jeans and a scruffy jumper which can be transformed into something I feel really nice in by some shoes. And then once I am home again, shoes off, and back into the scruffy and comfy look... but feeling more caffeinated! 

3. Textures, textures and also some texture. 

Another fashion favourite here, but there are two things I love the most about Winter outfits; layering, and the textures you can play around with. The two sort of go hand in hand, and playing around with different textures in an outfit can make a minimal look feel way more interesting. For this look, I went with three main textures; wool, denim, and patent leather. 

Wool is without a doubt a cornerstone of a great Winter wardrobe. From wool coats to jumpers, there are so many different styles and textures available from one fabric alone. In this outfit, I went with a smooth wool jumper underneath a textured wool jacket. It's such a simple combination, but the differing textures make them stand out from one another.  Of course denim is a year round piece for me. I love a stiff denim with a heavy texture, and the frayed hem trend also works wonders for this! 

And finally, some patent leather. These Russell and Bromley loafers stand out beautifully against the matte denim and wool. The high shine of them makes them a statement within the outfit, while still being an incredibly classic and timeless piece. I also love having Winter shoes that flash a bit of foot and ankle. When you're wrapped up and looking like the Michelin man, showing a your ankle in a cropped denim/loafer combination can bring new proportions to the look. 

I also used the patent leather to stand out against my Russell and Bromley leather bag. I love this bag so much, it's so roomy inside too so is seriously practical too! It's a completely different shape and style to any bag I already own and I have been very pleasantly surprised at how versatile I have been finding it! 


4. Coming In From The Cold

I think I speak for many of us when I say I can become a bit of a hermit throughout Winter. I love being at home more than ever, and the cosy pull of home becomes completely irresistible. An evening in on the sofa sounds more appealing than ever, and Sunday's spent sat about at home all day in my comfy clothes becomes a regular occurrence. But, nothing quite compares to coming in from the cold into a warm house, popping the kettle on instantly, and putting your feet up for a little bit. The second I open to door to the flat it's like a wave of cosiness hits me... queue all the excuses to duck out of any social plans to stay in and slowly become a recluse! 

So, there we have it, four of my favourite things about Winter. Let me know what yours are in the comments, I feel so many of us prefer the cold months and all secretly crave winter clothes and reasons not to leave our homes... please do tell me it's not just me! 

All images shot on film by Paul T James.