My Week on 35mm #12



Another week in film has come and gone. I love this series a lot but it doesn't half make time feel like it's flying by... it was all the way back in July when I shared my first ever film post. Now we are well and truly into the Christmas run up (I allow myself to get into the Christmas mode once my birthday has past), and the cold and dark evenings are here. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, but I will mostly save that until the new year until the entire internet erupts in a chorus of "Where did this year go?!"

Right now I am in London doing a spot of birthday shopping! I was utterly spoilt yesterday, and will share all my birthday antics (they're not overly wild so please don't hold your breath) with you in next week's vlog and film post! Thank you so so much for all your birthday messages yesterday, I felt completely overwhelmed with comments and messages and it was amazing, so thank you! I am actually hoping to find a way to drag my birthday out for a whole week as I feel it's gone too quick but I am not sure that's something you can do as an adult unless it's a big'un?

But for this week, I hope you guys enjoy the footage of Harry's gig at The Deaf Institute. His band are incredible (and while I am biased, they really really are good), please check out there music here and give them a follow on Insta too! I also spent the week in various knit for my Testing Basics which will be with you all on Sunday, but in the meantime you can shop all these looks here